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Where do cavemen fit into the Scriptures? And how did all the different nationalities come from Adam and Eve?

Asked By Lindsay

Where do cavemen fit into the Scriptures? And how did all the different nationalities come from Adam and Eve?

It can be fascinating to speculate on what our ancestors may have been like. The idea of cavemen brings all kinds of questions to mind. However, it's important to realize the limits of our ability to really know the answers to those questions.

Dr. Henry M. Morris has stated: 'Science, as such, can say nothing whatever about origins. Science (knowledge) is limited to the study of physical phenomena and processes as they exist at present. The scientific method which yields certain results will, if repeated next year, still yield the same results. It must be seen, however, that pre-historic events are not subject to scientific experimentation and therefore no one can say scientifically what happened millions of years ago. In order to project our knowledge of present processes into the pre-historic past, we must necessarily make certain assumptions as to the basis of such projections. And this involves a philosophy or a faith, not science.'

If you think this statement through, you can see why we cannot give you an absolute answer to your question about cavemen. God, the only One who was present, has not given us those details in His Word. There are, however, many who are interested in this subject and continue to evaluate the evidence that is available.

If you'd like to do further study, we recommend that you contact the Institute for Creation Research.

In regard to the different races, the Bible doesn't give us a lot of detail. It does indicate that the different races of mankind came from the three sons of Noah-Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Genesis 10 gives a record of where the sons of Noah and their families chose to live after the flood. The descendants of Japheth went northward and settled in regions around the Black and Caspian Seas; they migrated to parts of Asia and Europe. The descendants of Ham migrated southward and settled in South and Central Arabia, Egypt, the east shore of the Mediterranean, and the east coast of Africa. Egypt was called the 'land of Ham.' Canaan, the son of Ham, and his descendants settled and gave their name to the land which later became the homeland of the Israelites. The descendants of Shem included Jews, Assyrians, and Syrians, who settled originally in the north Euphrates valley and its borders.

As you investigate these, and other questions about our beginnings, it's important to note that there can be no real conflict between the facts of the Bible and the facts of science, since God was the Author of both. The problems arise when we begin to interpret the facts.

We encourage you to keep looking to God for your answers. He loves you and wants you to know the truth, especially the truth that comes with a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.